My name is Pax North. My work is about the human ego, and the escape from the suffering which it brings. It's about seeing the beauty and joy and wonder in all human life, in all it's moments. Which are really just one moment of course. The present and eternal moment.

It was Orwell who said that by 50, a man had the face he deserved.
They're pretty much all I paint at this point. Faces.
I aim to show something about the nature of the ego. About the stories
we tell ourselves on both conscious and unconscious levels.

While the level of form (and faces) can be useful, it can also be a source of great
suffering and torment. If we look deeply, and simply, we can see that
our true essence is both timeless and eternal.

I believe, I see, that all people have the gift of being able to find inner peace, what some call salvation, some enlightenment, some awakening, some the Kingdom of God.

If you haven't been through enough suffering, my work might not make
a lot of sense to you, for generally speaking it's suffering which causes
the hard shell of our egos to crack. It's then that we can see that many
of the things we have striven for have become idols. False gods that we worship in vain. Attachments we identify with which threaten to pull
us down to destruction. Veils which blind us to (what or who some call) God's love and presence in our world, and in the very essence and core of our being.

Further, we can see that there are paths out of suffering. They are well
worn, and countless saints and teachers have come before us.

I strive (often poorly) to approach life from a mystical Christian perspective, heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism. What some would call the 'Perennial Tradition', or in earlier times, "The Way in Life". Who can say how long I have to go ? The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed and a crop of wheat, but also like a thief who comes in the night.

Some of the people who've helped me on my journey:

Peace Pilgrim, Thich Nhat Hahn, Thomas Merton, Richar Rohr, Ronald Rolheisser, Eckhart Tolle, and of course our beloved Buddha, and my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

May God forgive me if I mislead.

Peace Be With You.

Pax North